LEAF Film..

Once in a Blue Moon LEAF FILMERS reunite for epic tales and mind blown nights. Here we have George Trimm, Matthew Green and Edgar Obrand excited for the GROWLERS up coming shows in the Bay Area. This night was apart of the Noise Pop festival when the Growlers chilled people away at Cafe Du Nord. Read the Bay Bridge review (see Isaac's sample video below post) FILMER Scott Stinnett captures the LEAF meet while prepping the shot list with crew.
"This was a really sic night, basically the music was a small dosage of natural ecstasy, and everyone was on it." says Scott, "everyone was way to stoked to be together, this is how it should be everyday."
Edgar Obrand recalls the weekend being "total madness, a spark of electricity. Imagine a bunch of mad men running wild in the same area, the Growlers and the LEAFERS all in one house, kinda gnarly, a lot to keep up with."

LEAF Filmers are currently in South Laguna today pulling materials together for the new releases. Such upcoming shorts are, TIME TABLETS Documentary, a sit down with PWEST, TY SEGALL LIVE, and the mysterious FREEDOM CHILDREN Rockumentary.