Perseverant's is a collection and juxtaposition of photographic work serving to communicate the correlation between the live self and it's natural and built world. Further, this binary setting operates as an obstacle through which the self's movements, both mental and physical, are dictated by, only until persevering upon any given situation or combination thereof.  This work embodies the idea of consistent and inevitable perseverance throughout the course of one's existence and what it is that is situationally gained and is then rightfully owned, upon persevering. 

Formally, the work operates to illustrate an example of combination between the self and it's surroundings to challenge the idea that photographically-captured existence and it's exhibition should be confined to a rectilinear frame, a linear composition, or an ergonomical display, but rather personify the entirety of tangible and intangible depth within a photograph by a more radical means of installation so as to approach the notion that moments captured by a camera are nothing close to linear, rectilinear, ergonomical, nor still.

Presentation: LEAF
Artist: Sam E. Ferguson
Medium: Site-specific photographic installation / 
                Epoxy compound coated - 46 pound clay-coated premium matte bond 120mm film plot