Casting out doubt..

A perspective of LEAF...
Mr. John-Paul Olson leads the way for innovative ideas of how art can be delivered to the public. Since I met John he has always believed in sharing art for the soul purpose of production. After creating a piece he will either distribute it among his friends, family, or strangers just to be able to make something new. Mr. Olson is the archetype of what art should be, a creative communication amongst life. He has been a huge inspiration for myself and others and I can't wait to see his next solo show. (date to be announced this summer)

A graduate of Arizona University with a degree in Print Making, John guides LEAFERS in the the new year with grand ideas for new prints and installations. He is currently working with the HURLEY company on new designs and collaborative projects for the summer of 2010. There have been rumors of the LEAF filmers tackling the documentation of HURLEY's US open. These rumors are yet to be finalized.
Nevertheless, John will continue to push this multi media idea towards something solid.