Something to consider..

A sunny San francisco afternoon brings thoughts...

Sam Ferguson has been a San Francisco resident for 5 years now. He has been an active neighbor in the urban terrain while attending the Berkley Architecture program. He will graduate this coming summer with the intention of unleashing his creative juice all over the city. Being my roommate and friend, he has taught me a lot about San Francisco and what it means to be apart of this amazing community of creative thinkers. While burdened with the trivial practices of finalizing his degree, Sam was a lead designer and director of such shows as, TIME TABLETS, 225 FOREST SHOW, and SO MANY FACES. After his graduation LEAF will take a new boost towards design in the Bay Area.

Simultaneously LEAFER Seth Barnard has been a resident of New York City for 5 years. His local reputation in the washington square neighborhood was a helpful tool while I was dipping my foot in Manhattan for the first time. Living in Chelsea and attending Film School, Seth showed me the ways and opened my perspective to new ideas and concepts within the concrete jungle. He is currently wrapping up his Architecture degree from the Cooper Union with intention of coming out WEST to combine brain waves with the 228 group and the West St. company.

Something to consider is the summer of Twenty Ten:
Having such great minds free to create for a solid three months, I believe LEAF has the ability to break new ground in FILM, DESIGN, INTERACTIVE SHOWS, and OPENINGS. While setting up the companies internet based media, LEAF will produce with new momentum. Or... we will chill super hard and get some sun. Either way.